F&S Olive Wood Smoking Planks 2x 220MM



2 olive wood smoking planks. They provide a mild flavour and the aroma of olive wood. Each plank can be used 2 or 3 times.

Size: 220x110x7.5 mm.

SKU: F&S_V-02-220MM

Use instruction:
• Arrange on a plank the food you want to smoke on the grill.
• Place the plank on the grill. Please note that for optimal results, the heat should have an indirect effect, so do not place the plank directly over the flames, but on top of the grill, where you place the other food.
• Let the barbecue do the rest and you will see how juicy and tender your food will be – enjoy!
Suitable for:
They go well with any type of food you want to grill.
Optimal use:
Suitable for all common charcoal and gas grills, barbecues and smokers.

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